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1. Brand new high quality SOS SURVIVAL EMERGENCY KIT. Ideal for hikers, campers, etc. These boxes are quite small, ideal to throw in the back of the car or back pack as they do not take up much space. Please check the dimension of the box before purchase as the photos make the box appear bigger. 9.5cm x 6.6cm x 3cm  Great value, reliable products and excellent emergency kit for a variety of situations. Great to throw in the back of the car or in your back pack.


1. SOS Metal Tin Box 
2. Multi-fuctional pliers with LED flash light, knives, scissors and key ring 
3. Flint Stone 
4. Wire Saw 
5. Compass 
6. Whistle + Waterproof storage compartment for small items                                       

7. Multifunction Card Tool (has the following function)

Can opener
Side knife
Straight screwdriver
Bottle opener
Outside hexagonal wrench
Clyburn spanner
Direction identifier
Positioning spanner
Round hole




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